Eighteen & Malaysian
Is this the ending?
Sunday, 26 July 2015 @ 04:46

Hi people.

I kept thinking about what you told me yesterday & its haunting my mind. It was like every second i think of it. I'm not okay. Can you make me feel better  like you used to? I miss the old us. I never thought that we could get in to this kind of nightmare which is we can end up our relationship in any time you want or i want. If i want, you're not gonna fight for me anymore and if you want, i'm not gonna force you to love me back. So, i don't know what should i do to be happy with you like we used to. I'm scared to take a step because if i did i know everything will change to things i don't want it to happen. Do you feel scared of losing me? I hope you do. Because i do.

I know you're okay with our situation now, but for your information, i'm not okay. A lot of negative thoughts in me about you. How can i get rid of it? Will you help me? 

I never have this kind of feelings to any boys. There is something in you. I don't know what is that 'something'. But i know there is something in you. It's hard for me to let you go after what had happened between us and i don't know why i still stay right here to keep our relationship eventhough its hard for me to go through all those stuff. You promised me not to let me go no matter how hard things get. Do you remember that promise? I hope you're not gonna break that promise because if you ever break that promise, you'll break my heart to pieces. Because that is the only thing that i'm scared it will happen because i don't want you to leave me, i love you so much sayang. 

Maybe i don't know how to show my love towards you, maybe one day i will. I know i never make you feel loved. I thought i did but i failed, i guess. 

Can you promise me, again?
Don't leave, no matter what. Can you?

Happy Eid Mubarak!
Sunday, 19 July 2015 @ 20:54
Feelin rich

Happy Eid Mubarak to muslims all around the world!

Day 4.

So you guys got many duit raya? Lol. Raya ni mcm tak meriah idk why but still okay lah dapat duit raya. Tapi tak banyak mcm selalunya dapat hehehe. Tapi okaylah dapat lah juga even dah besar kan. Syukur Alhamdulillah. 

So, i would like to apologize for all my wrongdoing towards you. I hope you'll forgive me hehe, inshaa Allah. May Allah bless you alls