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Hit and run
Saturday, 14 September 2013 @ 09:32

They looked sweet arent they?
They're married. Awh!

Ok i wanna talk about them for today. This evening, i watched Hit & Run on astro fox movies. Idk what kind of movie is that, i just watched it bcs im too boring. I really focused on that movie and i think its a great movie. Bcs of them. Their character in that movie. That guy, Dax Shepard being so sweet to that lady, Kristen Bell. They were in relationship in that movie. Damn sweet! So after i watched it, i decided to search who is actually they are. And today, i just find out their names and about their life. Not all about their life, bcs i knew it from wikipedia.

Dax Shepard is so tall and Kristen Bell is very short lol. I think they looked cute and they meant to be together. I hope their marriage everlasting. May god bless them. Hehehehe i really want them to be in the same movie. Must be really sweet. 

This lately, i've been thinking about me having a boyfriend. I tried not to think about it bcs pmr is just 1 week left so i dun have any time to think about that boyfriend thing and just let me focuses on pmr. After pmr, i will think as much as i want about anything i've been trying not to think about. Lol.