Eighteen & Malaysian
Saturday, 19 April 2014 @ 05:56

So i've been watching animated dramas just now. Actually i've watched it few years ago, but my sister want to watch it so i joined her. Usui Takumi awh he hav a such cute character awh i wish he's really excist in this world bcs i am seriously fell in love with him! aaaaaaaaaaaaah i just cant stop looking at him. 

omg i dont know what should i say about him bcs im speechless right now. i just wanted to tell you guys for those who havent watch this drama, do watch it okay. or you'll regret it. And please dun hav a same feeling towards Usui. Because i love him. Well you can like him, just don't let me know. Hahahahaha omg i think im crazy. Because i fell in love with a cartoon lol silly me. Oh i wish that girl in the first photo was me. Because i think im prettier than her. Lol and im sure Usui will love me more :p Lol joke. Omfg i love him la sia.

Is there a boy hav a same character like Usui? Really 100% same like him? Please let me know :p Lol im being such a bitch right now. 

Usui-chan, aishiteru!

Sweet dreams
Thursday, 3 April 2014 @ 10:04

Hi so i just watched this one movie named "Now Is Good". Actually my sister recomanded it to me cause i wanted to watch movie but idk what kind of movie i should watch then she asked me to search for this movie. Um yeah, i watched it online. So for those who haven't watch this, please do watch this movie im begging you. It may be a lil bored at first but i bet you'll cry when you've seen the last scene! Hehe. So you better watch it. I really like this kind of movie. The last time i've watched Japanese movie named "Koizora" um i forgot the meaning in english. Yeah realllly sad. I feel it when i watched these kind of movies. I'm serious and swear to god im not lying. I cried a lotttttttt especially when the times when she/he died.

Yeah um actually this remind me of him. We don't know how our future be like. Am i going to be sick, just like her..... or im just.... healthy? Yeah maybe. Idk. And we don't know when we are gonna die. Only God knows about it. So yeah. I think i should prepare "My List". If you don't get it what im trying to say, then you should watch that movie c; Lol, so here what im going to do before i leave 'ya. Please take it serious, cause i am serious right now lol. So, here you go.......

  1. Watching the night sky together, there must have a lot of stars on the sky. Lay on the grass maybe? Or bring something to lay on it. Lol.
  2. Walked me home.
  3. I wanna see really really a beautiful view. It must be kind of natural (really beautiful)
  4. Get on your ride.
  5. Decorate garden with flowers cause i love flowers.
  6. Make me breakfast or take me dinner? Lol choose one :p
  7. Talking in the rain sounds good right? Ok sounds good lol.
  8. Stay with me no matter what happen.

I think thats all. If i want to add something, i'll add. Please don't think im crazy. I think doing these things is fun. I don't really take it too serious. I just wanted you to know that i want to do those stuffs when im dying. And if this really happened, im gonna make sure that we're married. Hahahahahhaha yeah. Am i overreacting? Lol. 

hi april.
Tuesday, 1 April 2014 @ 05:10
          Hi. I am so mad right now because my brother pissed me off. I can't control my anger idk why. When im mad, it was like someone else is controlling me. I know its setan but my iman is not strong enough when that happened. So now, i opened ayat kursi on youtube and keep repeating hearing it to calm me down. InsyaAllah. I'm trying my best to change. Change to someone better. A good muslim. I'm trying now. Everytime something bad happen, i'll try not to say "OMG" but i'll say "Allahuakbar". Lol i should not tell you this..

          And yeah, i did talked about my classmate right? The one who threw my assignment on the floor.. He tried to talk to me lot of time but i ignored him. And few days ago, his friend, Botak, messing with my tablemate, Ainur. I can't just look at them fighting. I'm a good friend so i help her. We made this group chat on wechat and invited Botak. I tried to slow talk with him and guess what? He said "Kau fikir kau baik ah, sampai buat group nak bash bash aku?" Something like that i don't really remember. I was like "wtf bitch, i'm advising you not bashing you" Cb he dun get it. He seems dumb. So takyah layan ah, budak tak reti fikir lagi ni. And he said "yang baik aku simpan, jahat aku tunjuk" HAHAHAHAHAHAHA i laughed so hard when he sent this. Who the fuck does this? I think only him in this world does that. Because wth thats the dumbest thing i've ever heard.

          Yesterday, the guy i hate in my class, trying to cut my conversation with Ainur. He said something really slow and i could not hear it. I know its a bad thing but im not sure what the word is. Then i said "Uish siapa cakap tu eh?" then ainur started to laugh. Hahahaha idk whats really funny about it. Then he shut his mouth. Told ya, don't dare me. I never get mad at school so please don't make me. I've realised my character at home and at school is so different. I think if im at school, i acted like i am like a shy person, good person, smart person i guess bcs they think im smart lol. And i never talk bad things to people. Hahahahahaha ok they must be shock if i show the real me.

          I don't care but i don't want that happen. I don't want they know the real me. Because seriously, i hate the real me. I'm good at acting. So, yeah. Hahahahaha.