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Sunday, 20 March 2016 @ 07:59

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Nothing really happened.. for the past few days. And that "perasaan rindu" it often comes lol. Yes... i miss him. After we hang out that day. It's already been 2-3 weeks i guess. But still, i'm controlling my feelings, myself, from doing anything stupid, such as, go tell him that i miss him, and stalk him and post about us on social network, but except for my blog, he won't read this, i'm 100% sure because he won't, i can feel that he didn't want to know anything about me anymore lol, idk if it was true or not. But i'm just sure that he won't open my blog or he already forgot my blog link, lol. I think so. Yeah, whatever..

Btw, i cut my hair.. And its kinda pretty hahahahahahaha eh yalah i'm not lying, it looked pretty lah after i cut them. Haih, can anyone tell him for me that i miss him? Hmm.

Saturday, 5 March 2016 @ 00:16
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Hello guys.

New month, it's March baby! So.. my birthday is just a few days left. It is on April hehe imma April's baby, how about you bitches? Lol. So.. nothing really happened, just me and my ex we're actually having a conversation. Suprise, right? I can't believe that we're actually have one lol. So.. tu je ah, berbual pasal apa apa jelah hahaha tapi guys cinta tidak berputik kembali k. Hati dah tawar juga kot, entahlah idk how to describe my feelings dekat dia lol. It's complicated. Thank god lah sebab after so long i bersabar apa semua, kena hadap jealous, kena hadap sakit hati, kena hadap sedih bagai, thanks to yan yang selalu dengar i punya mengada-ngada punya cerita pasal dia hm cause she knew everything i feel lol. So yah nak buat penghargaan sikit utk yan lol. Idk, i just love to talk to people about my life. Kalau problem tu org tertentu jelah i bagitau. For example kan, i love to make videos. You can watch them on my instagram (Jajeyz). And also i have my own youtube channel but i haven't post anything yet since the past 2 years i guess, don't remember, i'm sorry lol. And please subscribe and press the like button on every each of my video. I'll put the link at the end of this post k. 

So there's have been a lot of people asked me about my relationship life. Idk why they're asking me lol. Maybe bcs dorang tak pernah nampak i keseorangan je kot? And i kinda often post pictures with boys (which is most of them is my classmate) lol, but no, we're just friends. They thought i have a new boyfriend, lol no. I'm not that kind of girl yang baru lepas heartbroken gila babi then terus ada boyfriend baru. No man no!! Sometimes i rasa lonely jugalah single ni, dah lah tak cantik, takde org suka hahahahaha. Kalau jd cantik, mesti senang dpt replacement kan? Tapi kalau madah tukar boyfriend je, mcm.... nampak sangat cinta kita ni murah, yedok? Idk, i think kan, now, i take things serious. Mcm i don't feel like want to main main lagi, i want to be serious at everything, not everything, most of the things i'll do. Such as, studies, friends, love life, my life, yah i think all of 'em. Eh you guys forgot ah? I'm getting older that's why now i mcmni lol. 

You know what, i've been thinking about working. Maybe i'll start working on school holidays. Because i need my own money. I have lots of things to buy!!! Such as, new clothes and makeups!! And shoes. Btw i'm wearing sandle only k for now. Dulu i used sneakers. I want to look cantik like all of those girls i saw on instagram. And also, i watched make up tutorials like a thousand times. And i think i'm ready to makeup myself lol hahahahaha idk, just saying. Haih can't wait to buy all of them. And yeah btw on 3rd March haritu, i got my SPM result huhuhuhu. I got no A's huhuhu and thank god Alhamdullilah i passed! Yaaassszzzzz! K, i'm gonna tell you ok. Cerita sini habis sini k, don't tell the others about my result lol I got 1B+ 3C+ 1C and 1E, hurmmm. I thought kan i got B+ for agama tau cuz you know what, semua yang i baca, sumpah semuanya keluar but idk why i dpt C+ ke C im not sure. Then rupanya B+ i tu English. I mmg tak sangka sebab nak tau tak, i banyak merepek gila hahahaha entah pape je i tulis sbb i blank. Alah normal kan blank time exam lol. And I got E for Maths....... I'm not a maths person, i'm sorry. For those who yang got flying colours, i wish you CONGRATULATIONS!!! Because you guys made your parents proud and your teacher also proud of you! Yeay! Don't be like me, imma lazy gal. Btw i'm not lazy. I got problem during my SPM. I told my parents about it, and they seems like... okay i guess? Idk, hati org siapa tau kan? LOL. and my mom suruh i amik SPM lagi next year. This year i can't sebab takut exam for tahun 3 sama time dgn SPM mcm last year tu haa. Huhu pape pun, i did my best! Hehehe.

Klah i think that's all for today cuz i dunno what to tell you guys apa lagi dah lol. Peace///!!!

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