Eighteen & Malaysian
Thursday, 19 May 2016 @ 05:25
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Hello people!

So, it's May. And i forgot to tell you about my birthday which was on 22 April, Friday. It was such a beautiful day, someone suprised me with balloons and a bouquet of chocolates. Guess who? Lol. The one who got a crush on me tu lah. Yeah, i know every girl wishes is to be suprise like that, but that is not in my wishlist. I don't really like suprises since everyone never made me "really suprised" so now, i like spontaneuos thingy. But i still happy on my birthday. Thank you for the suprise, for the chocolate and for the treat! Appreciate it a lot cause nobody ever done that before in my entire life. So yeah, thank you so much.

For your information, i just finished my exam for this semester. Yeay! But i got amali on next week, cuma dah habis exam theory jeps. Amali is freakin hard. Complicated. I NEVER made it on amali. Especially motor control. Whattafakkk. So i was given three lights, red, yellow, blue. And i have to lighten up those light, but i failed, there was only one light which is red that lights up. Ughhh i don't even know where do i do wrong?! It's freakin complicated i don't even get it what is actually wrong with my circuit, hahaha frust af. And other than that is kinda like domestic, that is not so complicated, we're just going to use lots of energy. I have to start working out because im afraid i can't cut the conduit and doing all those tough things. FYI, i cut conduit pipe using saw with my both hands while all my friends only used their one hand... ikr.... huhuhu that is so emberassing. So whatever it is, wish me luck for next week! A bit scared eventhough its not that hard. But still scared tho.

About my ex, he told me that he already have a girlfriend and he started to post things about her, and i can't help myself from feeling jealous so i remove him on wechat. Its kinda sad, i know. Nobody likes the "still not moving on ex gf" and i don't even like my ex that is still not moving on from me eventhough he's already have my replacement but their relationship is not really that long, just a couple of month, then.. BOOM! Things don't work out, so yeah. And me... still can't love/like someone. Maybe i just wanted to be friends with everyone. I just don't feel good/comfortable for having a new boyfriend for now, so i hope for those who got a crush on me understand my situation. If you're still not moving on from your ex, then you'll feel what i feel. I ain't lie, it's freakin hurt and it feels like you're still hoping and it's hurt waiting for someone who don't love you anymore. And it is more hurt that he loves someone else. Yes i know, i'm feelin it right now, kahkahkah. 

Ramadhan is almost coming yay. Just a few days left yezza! For those yang belum ganti puasa tu, ganti pat pat belum terlambat lagi ni okay. Less than a week je kot rasanya. Make sure you guys puasa penuh ok. I wish you all happy fasting on Ramadhan! I know it's kinda early, im afraid i tak sempat nak wish nanti hahahahaha.. so yeah i think that's all for today, bye guys, Assalamualaikum.