Eighteen & Malaysian
Friday, 12 August 2016 @ 09:23
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Hello everybody! 

I think it's been so many years i didn't updated my blog for you guys. I'm sure there must be some of you been stalking my blog lol (perasan). Actually, i've been busy with my life lately. New semester. And i need to focus on my study because y'know.. life is getting harder. I think i wanted to tell you guys the truth. The truth is, i was thinking, i don't want to go to school anymore. WHY? It's not because of boys, friends, studies, teachers, environment.. it is because of i don't feel like going to school anymore. In malay, we called it malas, em yeah. Idk what's happening to me. I think i almost dapat surat amaran sbb i think its almost 10 days i tak datang but bukan berturut turut. You guys bayangkan every sunday mesti i tak datang idk why ugh. I tried lah juga nak rajinkan diri ni, but yeah i did, but then, i tak masuk class, i dtg tapi i tak masuk class or i masuk class lambat. Haih i feel so bad for myself. I told my parents about this, and they told me to pray a lot. Lol and they said that tu semua hasutan syaitan. Yeah of course it is.. but why la dorang hasut i time gini hm. 

The second thing is.. i'm not feeling really well lately. Selalunya i akan demam sekali je dalam setahun. But this year i think like 2-3 times already. Its not really that bad fever. I rasa it is because of my nose. If u guys know my story, u know about my nose, right? Lol. Its freakin hurt!! and my eyes hurt too and then they go to my head!! I have like a lot of works to do but bila dah sakit mcm mana seh nak buat and i dah banyak tangguh kerja because of my sakit ni haih sakai betul lah. I was thinking nak pi buat MRI scan sbb mana tau ada apa apa, dorang ckp jangan amik mudah psl sakit kepala ni, skrg ni dah lah mcm mcm sakit em. And aritu adas story budak tu pening kepala then dia igt pening biasa, then esoknya meninggal because of brain cancer. Haih mudah mudahan dijauhkan. Takutlah juga kan. Sebab i dah sakit ni since last 2 weeks. Mula mula okay lagi i boleh layan. But now, hmm i can't.