Eighteen & Malaysian
Friday, 28 April 2017 @ 06:08
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OMG hello! 

Yes yes yes i have a lot of things i'm going to tell you! My last post was about my crush right? But yeah forget about him. He knew that i am closed to this one girl but huhu he hugged her. So whatever. That girl pun i dah malas nak layan, sebab benda ni lah and other is about weh she's my partner for my final year project but most of the things i yang buat kerja. Kertas cadangan, bab 1, bab 2. Bab 3 i suruh dia buat sebab at first bab 2 dia yang buat but dohhhhh kerja dia semua copy paste from the internet, so what do you expect me to react? Of course lah i'm mad! Because she didn't have the effort to make our work looked good. Budak yang bermasalah dkt class i pun buat sendiri la takde pun copy paste. And yeah, buat malu je perempuan tak boleh buat kerja. And doh she also asked for help from her boy-friend. So i buat bodoh jelah walaupun cara dia nak buat kerja tu agak senang, while me perah otak pe semua stay up tidur lambat sampai i tidur dalam class disebabkan nak betulkan kerja dia tu huh. Then bab 3 i nak kemaskan kerja dia sebab you know kerja dia semuanya tak kemas idk lah apa masalah perempuan tu takde kreativiti agaknya. Then suddenly i ternampak perkataan "Alat pembuat cendol" WTF???? Bila i tanya dia copy paste ke then she said No i buat depan cikgu and cikgu dah check and dah boleh print. So yeah explain la kenapa ada cendol. EH bodohnya. Dah copy paste tak nak ngaku. Pastu entah la most of them pasal kerja la i nyampah dengan dia. Mampus kau lah kalau kau taknak buat betul betul, malas nak layan org mcm gitu. Buang masa. 

Most of my friends said yang i only nampak benda buruk dia buat je, and they also told me to ingat balik benda baik yang dia pernah buat dekat i. I tried doh but i can't sebab i jenis once i tak suka, i terus tak suka. Mungkin i akan suka balik but takes time lah idk how long. Crush i also bekap dia and he said jangan bersangka buruk dekat perempuan tu hahahahaha weh i knew her like almost 4 years and you bekap dia maybe because you already touched her. Lol, i don't mind i don't have feelings for you anymore so yeah i don't care la after this you nak peluk sesiapa pun huhu i guess you're a hugger lah kot. Husnuzon je. Maybe you guys will think that i'm bajet bagus, but if you guys in my shoes then you'll know how i feel. Maybe you'll act the same way as i did. 

And did i tell you about someone yang got a crush on me last year? Oh yea we berbaik masa awal tahun ni. I apologize to him because i kinda hurt his feelings and gave him fake hope. So i told him that i was sorry and i wanna be his friends. I repeat, friends. But then things happened. He treated me differently. He called me baby, sayang and so on. He even suprised me on my birthday, again. Idk lah he did that. I knew he loved me but i told him let's just be friends. And then i decided to tell him how i feel. I told him everything. Actually i told him about the same thing like almost 4 times, im not sure. But this time, in my explaination, i ada selit bahasa kasar sikit because maybe that'll make him more understand what im trying to tell him.

And he said he get it. But seemed like he couldn't accept the fact that i didnt want to be his girlfriend because he really hope that i'll be his girlfriend one day, but no. First, is because he rush things! OMG mcm last year i just broke up with my ex and then i couldnt move on that time! I told him everything i felt about him. And he proposed me. And i said no because i'm not ready. And now i said NO again it's because i'm done with this love thingy because god! I have my own life. I need to focus on my studies, families and friends. I prefer to be single but at the same time i do want to have a boyfriend but when i think about it, i'm not ready to deal with love shit soon when i have a boyfriend. Kan?! Once you got hurt, you'll take caution steps for not letting anyone to hurt you again, right? So i mcm oklah i still rasa bersalah sebab hurt his feelings again but im glad i berani nak luahkan apa yg i rasa, at least im being honest.

So for now i nak focus dekat study and lepas habis KV ni i nak further my study somewhere im not sure yet, and then i kerja. Lepastu maybe that time i'll think about my lovelife. Or  maybe masa study i'll found the right one. Who knows kan jodoh sampai bila. But for now apa apa pun study lah dulu ok. Let's be a girl with beauty and brain. Kalau beauty tapi takde brain apalah guna yedok?