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Salam Ramadhan.......... or EID???
Wednesday, 21 June 2017 @ 08:11
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So Salam Ramadhan to all muslims. I guess it's not really too late kan lol. Still puasa, eid belum lagi. I mean, 3/4 days left and then Happy Eid to everyone yay i'm so happy because i will get duit raya and eat all those yummy food and yay. So... nothing really happen on this holly month. Just okay. I got 2 weeks of holidays and i worked and 2 weeks more i got school and today is on the last week of school because next Sunday its already eid. Time flew so fast. I don't even feel when Ramadhan is coming and the suddenly Eid is coming i mean.. why.. things been happing so fast. Me and "N" still not really talking. I mean, we did talked but only if there's a thing we should really talk like assignments stuff. Because.. weh idek what should i talk to her. Because, yeah. Kinda miss her but. Idk. Whatever. We're not good for each other. You're not a good friend for some reasons. I boleh masuk dengan semua perempuan dalam kelas i except for her. She's different. She's the kind of girl yg "open minded". Dia punya open minded tu masalahnya takde batas dgn laki or pompuan so i don't really like it i'm sorry. You deserve a better friend. I'm not a good friend because i shut off people whenever i want. I'm sorry again. 

But everything is okay at school. I love my friends. They're okay and i'm okay. In fact, we break our fast with teachers few days ago at Chamek. Because my friend's dad own that place so it's kinda senang if nak kurangkan harga lol. That's what they say. 

FYI, do you still remember the guy who got a crush on me since last year tu? Yep, that desperado. He got a girlfriend. Guess what. He got a girlfriend right after i got into a fight with him and he told me that he has no feelings for me anymore. And fyi again, he said "i love you" FEW DAYS BEFORE HE HAD A FUCKING GIRLFRIEND. And weh, he still stalked my instagram and stuff, what the fuck do you want asshole? And i try la stalk his twitter, and guess what, he tweeted "hajat selama 3 tahun dah tercapai" so yeah i was right. He really really desperately wants a girlfriend. IDK what kind of people is he but i think he's disgusting. Oh yes, i'm glad me and him didn't work out. Because i almost fuckin have my all feelings to him and i didn't yay! Maybe that's the reason why God don't let me accept him. This is the reason why. Thank God. And for sure, i'm hotter than his girlfriend so i don't even mind about their silly relationship. Sebab dah desperate sgt kan. Tengok jelah lewls. I blocked him sbb semak nampak nama dia tetiba ada dekat ig story. Dah lah tak follow pastu stalk. Semak bodo.

Some people said that "i was too late to have feelings for him, serve me right" huhu if you don't know the whole story, i suggest you to shut your fucking mouth ok.